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Makassar's Enchanting Beach Scenes

Brief Information
Makassar is located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Beginning in the sixteenth century, Makassar was the dominant trading center of eastern Indonesia, and soon became one of the largest cities in island Southeast Asia. Due to its coastal location, Makassar's inhabitants have a longstanding maritime heritage and well-known for their sailing expertise. Today, Makassar is regarded as the "Gateway to Eastern Indonesia" and is one of the most developed cities in Indonesia.

Makassar has a colorful society where diversity and uniqueness is embraced. Many historical sites and tourist attractions may be found in the city.

Benteng Ujung Pandang (Rotterdam Fort)
Built in 1545 by a lord in Makassar, the fort was built as a stronghold for his army. During the period of VOC (Dutch East Indies), the fort was occupied by the Dutch and was used to store spices prior to shipment. Today, the fort is one of the most visited attractions in Makassar where La Galigo museum is located, storing references of Makassar's history and heritage.


Losari Beach
The pride of Makassar, Losari Beach lies on the west of Makassar, where the beach sunset is viewable from Losari Beach Hotel and Losari Beach Inn. Famous for its magnificent scenery, both travellers and locals finds the beach setting rather soothing. Vendors located nearby provide water sports services and equipments.


Islands Tours
There are clusters of small islands located nearby Makassar, most of which are accessible by boats. Some of the most visited ones are Kayangan Island, Gusung Island, and Samalona Island. The sea surrounding these islands is home to diverse marine wildlife, making it perfect venue for underwater sports such as snorkeling or diving. Several islands tours are available and visitors may contact our sales personnel for more information about island tours at sales-mks@losarihotels.co.id.


Paotere Harbor
The venue is a well-known fish market for local fishermen to sell their fish. Bidding and bargaining is a common scene in Paotere. Besides, Paotere is also a famous place for boat manufacturing. Boats manufactured in Paotere ranges from schooner types to traditional Makassar Pinisi. Many tourists finds Paotere Harbor atmosphere unique and attractive.

    Local Festivities
  • Sundeq Race - A boat race which participants hail from all over Indonesia.
  • Festival Budaya Sulawesi Selatan (South Sulawesi Cultural Festival) - in commemoration of South Sulawesi's anniversary, regions throughout South Sulawesi participates in this festival to promote local culture.

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